A government investment

EB-5 Program

A US Government program that allows investors to obtain a Green Card for their whole family

Investment in the US

$800 000 (TEA) / $1 050 000
10 + new jobs
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EB-5 is our main product, and our expertise helps our clients navigate the process from start to successful end.

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The only member in Europe of the United States Regional Centers Association (IIUSA) and we have the statistics of the Regional Centers and information about the experience of lawyers.

Payment after receiving a Green Card

The biggest payment we receive from you is only after you receive your Permanent Green Card and a refund of the invested capital.

Advantages EB-5



Children may receive reduced tuition fees for studying in the US.



Green Cards for a spouse and children under 21.

Employment / Running a business

Employment / Running a business

No restrictions on locations for residence and employment or business in the US.

US Citizenship

US Citizenship

Possibility to obtain a US passport for the entire family.

Minimum requirements

Minimum requirements

Education, work experience, age, language skills do not matter.

Process overview



1 – 6 months

Choosing a project, a lawyer, and preparing applications

Petition I-526

Petition I-526

0,5 – 4 years

Business plan and personal documents of investor

Conditional Green Card

Conditional Green Card

2 years

Residing in the US and obtaining a tax residence

Petition I-829

Petition I-829

1 – 4 years

Proof of created jobs

Permanent Green Card

Permanent Green Card

10 years

Green Card can be extended or citizenship can be obtained afterward

Regional Centers’ projects

Annual Review — 2023
The EB-5 Immigration Program

The Review includes statistics on the number of EB-5 visas issued in the last decade, up to and including 2023; countries that have been leaders in issuing EB-5 visas; the number of petition I-526 applications filed with USCIS; and the number of Regional Center registrations.
Annual Review — 2023<br />The EB-5 Immigration Program


Do I have to live in the US in the same state/city where my EB-5 project is located?

No, you can live anywhere in the US with no attachment to your EB-5 project.

Can a student be an EB-5 investor?

Yes, a student can be a main applicant in the EB-5 process. The main requirement is that he/she can prove a legal source of funds. So, in the case of parents gifting funds for the EB-5 process to their children, they have to show where the parents got these funds from.

What is the difference between an investment of $800 000 and $1 050 000?

The amount does depend on the location of the business or projects. If the project is located in a TEA (Targeted Employment Area), a lower amount may apply.

What documents are needed to prove a legal source of funds?

Salary, dividends, loans, gifts, income, asset sales, inheritances, investments, or other sources may be used to fund an EB-5 investment. The EB-5 investor must show that the money came from legal sources and provide tax returns and bank statements so that the money can be traced back to its original source.

Will I receive my investment back?

By law, the EB-5 Program does not offer a money-back guarantee. Depending on how you choose to participate in the program, getting your money back may depend on how well your own business does or, if you invest through a Regional Center, how well the project does.
There are now a number of Regional Centers that can provide statistics on the recovery of funds from their projects. On average, you can expect a refund on your invested capital within 5 – 7 years.

Where can I find official information about the EB-5 program?

On the website of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program | USCIS.

Is the EB-5 program right for you?

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